Columbia 12 free issues annually of the world's largest Cathoilc family magazine. Cahtolic family evangelization at its best!

Daily Mass Remembrance Mass offered daily for deceased members at the Knights' Altar, St. Mary's Church, New Haven, Conn.

Insurance Program Offers member, spouse and children the opportunity to provide for their security and well-being. Rated AAA (Superior) by Standard & Poor's and A++ by A.M. Best.

Annuity Program Enables member and spouse to provide for retirement and build an estate through tax-deferred savings.

Member/Spouse Fraternal Benefit Accidental death coverage for member and spouse at no cost.

Orphan Benefit &80 monthly allotment for orphans of eligible families; up to $7,000 in college scholarships available.

Family Fraternal Benefit For eligible families: a) Pays $1,500 for the child who dies before the age of 61 days; b) Pays $750 for the child who is stillborn at least 20 weeks after conception; c) Offers guaranteed-issue insurance up to $5,000 to any child under age 18.

New Member Plan Offers a one-time low-cost whole life policy to new members and their spouses upon joining the Order.

Widow Benefits a) Continues to be covered under the Member/Spouse Fraternal Benefit; b) May purchase insurance or annuities up to 90 days after insured member's death; c) Receives a free lifetime subscription to Columbia; d) Eligible with her children for scholarships, student loans, etc.

Scholarships/Fellowships Six different college scholarships programs for members and their families; three different graduate fellowship programs; and scholarship programs for seminarians.

Matthews and Swift Educational Trust Fund Provides full scholarships (tuition, Board, expenses) to Catholic colleges for children of member killed or permanently and totally disabled from military service in armed conflict, or from criminal violence while performing duties as full-time law enforcement officer or full-time fireman.

Student Loans Available to member, spouse and children, as well as to all pursuing a religious vocation.

Leadership Development Opportunity to build personal leadership skills through active involvement in the Order's unique structure, supported by Knightline/Program Supplement: fraternal newsletters mailed to state and local council officers and chairmen.

Fourth Degree Eligibility of Third Degree members to join the "Patriotic Degree" at least twelve months following their initiation into the Order.

Honorary Life Membership at Age 70 After 25 years of continuous service, member merits this distinction and no longer need pay dues.

Catholic Information Service Opportunity for member and family to avail themselves of a variety of literature on Catholic faith and spirituality.

Membership Card Entitles participation in all Catholic, fratenal and social activities in member's council and also in the 10,400 councils throughout the world.

Family Activities Eligibility for recognition in Orderwide "Family of the Month/Year" program and participation in wide variety of local family events, such as family breakfasts.

Athletic Programs Participate in annual council, state and international golf, bowling and softball tournaments; many councils sponsor teams in a variety of sports.

Youth Programs Opportunities for your children to participate in a variety of youth-oriented programs such as the Columbian Squires, a leadership training program for young men under council sponsorship.