A Firm Foundation

Our Founder, Father Michael J. McGivney, realized that if the Order was to survive, it would need a firm foundation in the form of a strong constitution, with laws and by-laws. The prudence of Father McGivney proves itself as much in the growth of the Order to more than 1.5 million members since 1882 as in the fact that the laws of the society have served it well for over 112 years.

It should be recognized that, because of the very size of the Order, these laws are designed to cover any contingency that may arise. In actual fact, however, a goodly number of the regulations -- especially as they pertain to expulsion and suspension -- rarely, if ever, need be invoked. Our society is one of fraternity, and members generally conduct themselves as Catholic gentlemen and true knights. However, it is the exception that requires the rule.

An informed knight will secure a copy of the "Charter, Constitution, Laws" for his own reference.