Training Aids

To remain a viable force in the community and for the Church, the talents and abilities of the members must be utilized effectively. Ideas and suggestions can be put to good use only through efficient organization of manpower. Once organized, training must commence. From the Supreme Council come the aids that are necessary to teach methods of operation to the members.

The Charter, Constitution and Laws of the Order comes in booklet form and should be in the possession of every member. Handbooks and manuals for particular leaders are available. These include a manual for grand knights, a chaplain's manual, a vocations manual and a "Surge ... with Service" manual which explains the Service Program operation. Manuals for ceremonials work include one for the installation of council officers, initiation rituals and a manual for district deputies. Ceremonials manuals must be obtained directly from the Supreme Secretary's Office.

A variety of videocassettes, films and filmstrips have been produced for training purposes and for instructing non-members concerning the Order's objectives and goals. New films are produced periodically to demonstrate the idealism which motiviates the fraternal society and the practical activities open to the members. Productions have been distributed throughout the Order on such topics as the district deputy, the Service Program and special membership campaigns. Others are on the planning boards.