Many Benefactions

In 1920 the Knights of Columbus contributed $60,000 toward the erection of a gymnasium at The Catholic University of America. In the same year a gift of $35,000 was made to the Cardinal Mercier Fund for the restoration of Louvain University and its magnificent library in Belgium.

In 1923 a gift of $38,000 was made to the Cardinal Gibbons Institute for the care and education of minority children in Maryland.

For more than 30 years, a correspondence school was maintained by the Order providing instruction in 108 subjects for its widespread membership and their families. More than 45,000 took advantage of these benefits.

In 1924 the Order, at its own expense, established at the University of Notre Dame a course in boy-guidance to develop trained leaders interested in the counseling of boys as a life work. For 15 years the Order expended more than $400,000 in support of the program. It was discontinued only when this type of training and instruction was made available in schools throughout the country. More than 200 benefited from scholarships during this period.