Historical Commission

In 1921 the Knights of Columbus organized a Historical Commission composed of respected educators to investigate and protect the United States from propaganda designed to undermine a feeling of American identity. As a result of this investigation, certain widely used history and other textbooks read in schools were eliminated or rewritten to remove matter misrepresenting historical facts or subverting American ideals.

The Knights of Columbus Historical Commission conducted a prize competition for studies in American history. Many notable books on the subject were written as a result, including "Jay's Treaty," by Samuel Flagg Bemis; "The Monroe Doctrine," by Thomas H. Mahoney; and "The American States," by Allan Nevin.

More than $60,000 was expended by the Order in carrying out the work of the Historical Commission.

In 1939 the Knights of Columbus contributed $10,000 to the Golden Jubilee Fund of The Catholic University. Over $100,000 was contributed to the maintenance of the Catholic Radio Hour broadcasts from Washington and Toronto.