Fraternal Benefit Programs


In recognition of the numerous contributions made by members of the Knights of Columbus, their spouses and families, to the welfare, growth and fnancial stability of the Order through their varied activities of fraternal and charitable works for the benefit of mankind; and in appreciation for their efforts expended in recruitment and council development; it was voted by the Board of Directors that a Member/Spouse Fraternal Benefit be given at no cost to all members (and their wives) in good standing, belonging to councils of and residing in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands or Guam, provided that the member's council also is in good standing.

The Knights of Columbus will pay a benefit upon the death of a member or his spouse occurring within 90 days as the result of injury sustained in a covered accident. Protection is on a 24-hour basis for accidents that may occur anywhere in the world, during activities on or off the job, on business, pleasure, vacation or at home, except for the exclusions listed.

The accidental death benefit will not be paid if death results from: suicide, self-inflicted injury while sane or insane; sickness or disease (except bacterial infection resulting from accidental cut or wound); war or act of war (declared or undeclared); flying, except as a fare-paying passenger on a regularly scheduled airline; and injury from driving or riding in a speed or organized contest.


The new program of the Knights of Columbus makes available to eligible family members five distinct types of assistance.

  • Life Insurance Benefits -- The Order's various life insurance plans are available through our agents for a healthy child. But what about children who are physically challenged or mentally retarded? In these cases, Knights of Columbus offers:
    1. a $5,000 life insurance plan, at standard rates, for a member's uninsurable or rated newborn child provided the application is made before the child is 61 days old.
    2. a $5,000 life insurance plan, at a rated premium, for a member's uninsurable child between the ages of 60 days and 18 years.
    3. up to $5,000 life insurance at standard rates for a mentally retarded child, otherwise in good health, between the ages of 3 years and 18 years.
  • Death Benefits -- Knights of Columbus provides:
    1. a $1,500 death benefit to the family when a child dies less than 61 days after birth.
    2. a $750 death benefit to the family when a child is stillborn at least 20 weeks after conception. The Order affirms that life begins at conception. In this instance, the benefit requires a certified death certificate for the stillborn child, hence the 20-week rule. To be eligible for these two benefits, the member must be in good standing with his Council, and at least one parent must be insured under an individual Knights of Columbus certificate.


Since the founding of the Order, Knights of Columbus has been especially concerned about welfare of the child who loses both parents. With this new program the Order once again demonstrates this concern for the offspring of eligible families by providing the following two benefits:

  • Benefit Payments
  1. An Orphan Fraternal Benefit of $80.00 monthly is paid for support of each eligible orphan until he or she reaches age 19, graduates from high school, enters military service, marries, discontinues Knights of Columbus insurance, or no longer attends school (except if he or she has a disabling illness). If the orphan attends college or vocational/technical school fulltime, the Orphan Fraternal Benefit can continue to age 23.
  2. The child may be eligible for up to $1,750 each year in educational grants. The grants are based on financial need and will not exceed a maximum of $7,000 over a four-year period.

For a child to be eligible for these two orphan benefits, the father must have been in good standing with his Council and at least one parent must have been insured under a Knights of Columbus certificate.

Your Knights of Columbus Insurance Representative can provide the details.

The Family Fraternal Benefit and Orphan Fraternal Benefit programs are fraternal benefits and not guaranteed contractural life benefits.