Hundreds of thousands of members of the Knights of Columbus have answered the invitation to participate in the Order's fraternal insurance program.

The Agency Department's motto "Insurance for Brother Knights by Brother Knights," gives one insight into the program's success. Organized in a day when the loss of a family's breadwinner was a tragedy overcome only with great fortitude and sacrifice on the part of the survivors, today's program has achieved success because its product continues to be "a family affair."

Members secure life insurance because they love their families. They recognize that, through precise planning with the Order's fraternal insurance counselors, they not only can provide for their loved ones in case of death, but also can build up a substantial estate for retirement years or to meet other needs.

Consistently the amounts of money paid out in dividends to living members surpass the benefits provided to beneficiaries upon the death of a certificate holder. In one year alone, these amounts were $55.7 million in death benefits to the families of deceased knights and $158 million in dividends to insurance members.

The insurance-in-force has grown dramatically in recent years. The first billion took over 75 years to attain. The $2 billion plateau was achieved 11 years thereafter. The $3 billion level took less than four more years. The $4 billion mark was attained within slightly over two more years; $5 billion was reached in 1979; $10 billion in 1985; and the current total, nearing $26 billion, is growing constantly.

The Agency Department has set a goal designed to bring the utmost in prompt, efficient service to every Knight and his family. Part of this goal is to assure that, by increasing manpower, one full-time, professionally trained field agent will be available for each 1,000 members. To achieve this the Order has reached the number of nearly 140 General Agencies, with over 1,200 field agents. However, a considerable number of field agents are needed. Any member interested in such a career opportunity may obtain information by contacting the general agent in his area.

The Order offers a versatile portfolio of family-oriented insurance plans presented by a staff of competent, concerned professionals backed up by one of the most sophisticated computer systems now operating in the insurance field -- thus the outstanding record of secure but dynamic growth and development. Yet the Order's program remains a family-atmosphere insurance "for Brother Knights by Brother Knights."

Our Insurance Agent is Michael Dumont, you may reach him at 517-327-0177

Single Premium Life Insurance  is a new product that we offer.